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Fun, Easy Water Play Ideas for Toddlers!

Fun, Easy Water Play Ideas for Toddlers!

Water play activities are a MUST in the Summer! Squeeze every ounce of fun you can out of the warm weather!

Fun, Easy Water Play Ideas for Toddlers!


This water play post is actually a companion to one I just wrote for Bree at Family As We Go. You can check it out on her blog, here, and find more easy water play activities! In that post, similarly entitled, “Easy & Fun Water Activities For Toddlers!” you will find:

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But don’t forget to read and pin this post before you head over! I’ll provide the link to Bree’s blog again before you go. 🙂

The first water play idea I’m going to share with you today is:

“Painting” with Water

Water play activities - "painting" with water
This was actually my work of art right there. Even adults can join in on the fun!

This could not have been easier to set up. Grab a bucket of water and various size paintbrushes. Clean up is a breeze, too! Just dump whatever water is left over and put the bucket and paintbrushes away.

Water play activities for toddlers - painting with water!

My kids mostly just wanted to cover as much dry concrete with water as possible. And make very, very long lines all the way down to the street to run along like a giant rat race, lol!

For the next water play activity, you’ll need to plan ahead a tad. Check the dollar store or yard sales for a cheap pool float. Have you seen the diy water blobs going around Pinterest? This is the same idea, but less likely to become your next “Pinstrosity”!

“Water Blob”

First, buy a pack of water balloons. Open it and use the thingamabob that screws onto your hose or faucet to fill your pool float full of water instead of air! Mind blown, right?? Keep in mind, the bigger the float, the heavier it gets! Fill it where you plan to leave it for awhile, lol.

Water Activities for kids - filling up a water blob!

Keep in mind, the bigger the float, the heavier it gets! Fill it where you plan to leave it for awhile, lol.


Everyone enjoyed this, from the 4 year old to the 15 month old neighbor boy! It was so cute seeing him try to stand up on the wobbling float. He did surprisingly good for his age!

Make a water blob - easy, fun water play activity!

The water blob was like a water bed that you’re actually allowed to jump on! When we were done with it, hubby dragged the water blob to our walkway where I popped open the valves. After letting it sit overnight, most of the water had dripped out by itself. We draped it over something to continue to drain and dry, so I think we can still use it again!

Now that you bought a package of water balloon just for that little hose fixture, what in the world are you going to do with all those water balloons?? Hmmm….

Fill a wading pool with water balloons!

Water activities for toddlers - fill kiddie pool with water balloons!
Yes, my four year old is gnawing on a water balloon. We were constantly on the kids’ case for doing that, so please don’t judge me!

The 15 month old neighbor boy especially enjoyed this. He sat in the kiddy pool playing with water balloons almost the whole time he was over!! Hubby and I sat “poolside” filling the water balloons. In between balloons, the excess water flowed into the pool, filling that up, too. The great thing about this is, that it’s really hard to break water balloons in a pool full of water. Makes them last a lot longer!

When we were done filling the balloons (finally!) we did a…

Pop the Water Balloon Race

Water Activities for kids - water balloon race

On your mark, get set, go! The kids raced to smash the water balloons!


The kids either stomped or sat on the balloons! Lots of fun to watch! Unfortunately, the freshly cut grass popped quite a few of the water balloons…I found the concrete driveway to be a superior option.

Before you head over to Family As We Go to see the rest of my fun water play activities, please plan to keep in touch!

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