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The Sacrifice of Sanity

sacrifice of sanity over craftime

Yesterday, I learned something new.

I learned that mothers not only sacrifice their bodies, half of every delicious thing they eat, and any semblance of quality free time by themselves or with their spouses, they also sacrifice their sanity.

Yes. That’s what I said. The sacrifice of sanity.

As for me, I officially lost my sanity over craft time yesterday.

What I thought would be a fun, diverting activity quickly turned into chaos. My 3 year old was constantly asking for help, wielding large scissors because we lost her kid-size ones, and affixing no less than 9 feet (I’m sure) of her brand new sparkly tape to a small card meant to be sent to Grandma but in the end was much too cumbersome to fit in anything but a good size box. Even if the card wasn’t so thick and heavy, the large pool of glue she blobbed on won’t dry ’til next August.

This was the beautiful finished work of art!

My 20 month old daughter applied sticker after sticker, stood up in her booster to reach more (nearly giving me a heart attack every time), and knocked over 12 things in the process as tiny paper snowflakes slowly drifted to the floor, which I’d foolishly just swept. My very vocal sweetheart would yell things like ‘blue, blue!’ which could mean anything from ‘glue’, to any color crayon, to something that is actually the color blue. When this bumbling mother couldn’t figure it out, her shrieking would escalate until she collapsed into tears. Because whatever it was she wanted, she had to have it, or her craft would not be complete.

Finally, I covered my face with my hands and let out an agonized cry.

I promptly decided we’d had enough fun crafting for the day. Sent the little one to bed and made some coffee. With Bailey’s.

I actually thought I could multitask while the girls crafted (having not learned from previous experience). What happened instead, was that I had a million different chores started and not a single one was getting done.

I only escalated my own stress and deprived my girls of a more enjoyable experience. When will I ever learn?

Next time, maybe I’ll just forget the chores and we can all craft together.