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The Crafts of Christmas Past

Crafts of Christmas PastWe are mere days away from Thanksgiving, but all I can think of is Christmas!! My One Stop Christmas Shop vendor event I coordinated at my church was this past Friday and it really got me excited for Christmas! The event was very successful- tons of people showed up, and I heard many requests for a repeat event next year! So excited I pulled it off, with the help of my friends! We all got some business exposure and raised $140 for my church building fund with our vendor fees.

My parents are coming down to Kentucky for Thanksgiving for the first time since we moved here…usually we spend it up in Indiana with my husband’s family. Now, with two kids, we are relishing the ease of staying at home for the holidays! Mom and I are going to hit the Black Friday sales, and I can’t wait! I love to get out amongst the crowds and experience the thrill of the hunt!


I’m also planning a Christmas craft day with my friends…it will be our 4th annual craft day! It all started with me wanting to make a salt dough handprint ornament for my oldest daughter’s first Christmas. The12071665_980045932066214_774206868_n recipe made a lot of dough, so I invited my friends who had small babies as well. We got together to roll, handprint, and bake the dough, then got together another day (after they dried) to paint them. The next year we did snowmen handprint ornaments, and last year was canvases…I made an angel from my daughter’s footprint for a body and her hands for the wings. It turned out so cute and I think it has been my favorite craft yet! This year, I’m thinking of 2 different crafts- reindeer (foot for the body, hands for antlers) canvas and lightbulb thumbprints around a picture frame, perhaps? I can’t stop pinning cute ideas- check out my Christmas board on Pinterest!

I’m loving this tradition of crafting with friends and being able to see my daughter’s growth year after year!

What are  your Christmas crafts/traditions? I love new ideas and getting inspiration for mommy/daughter fun!

Lavender Infused Coffee

gourmet coffee at home

lavender infused coffee

Okay, so Lavender Infused Coffee – don’t be turned off right away by the sound of this! I’m having coffee infused with lavender buds this afternoon and it is delightful!!

I felt like I needed to de-stress and figured this would do the trick. I love the relaxing effect of drinking herbal teas, but I’m a coffee girl at heart. I wonder if coffee addiction is a Midwestern thing, because I know approximately two people in Kentucky that drink it. When I moved here 3.5 years ago, I immediately befriended the first coffee drinker I met! My new coffee loving friend and I spent three hours at Panera chatting over lattes…and we barely knew each other! It’s not often you find a friend with which you immediately feel that comfortable! I think God orchestrated our meeting, because we’ve had many many coffee dates since that first one, and we can still talk for hours without exhausting all possible topics!

Here’s how I made my Lavender Coffee this afternoon:

  • Unscrew bottom half of Moka Pot, fill with cold, filtered water (A)
  • Add fresh coffee grounds to filter along with 1/4 tsp (give or take!) whole Culinary grade lavender buds and drop into place (B)
  • Screw top half of kettle back on–tight, but not too tight! (C)
  • Put Moka Pot on smallest burner and turn heat a notch below ‘high’. Listen carefully…it will loudly boil up like an old fashioned percolator and quiet down as all the water is used. Don’t leave it too long, or coffee will burn. This makes a very strong coffee, similar to espresso. My tiny little pot will easily make enough for two, or a very strong cup for one.



I’m thinking you could also do this using a pour over method, just by adding the lavender buds straight to the pour over . If you haven’t used one before, they’re super easy and convenient! I prefer an eco friendly stainless steel version with no paper filters to worry about, or potential harmful chemicals in plastic. Click here to see the metal pour over I use every morning! Just dump the grounds and give a quick rinse after you’ve made your coffee! It is also dishwasher safe!

What’s your favorite way to make coffee?