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Bentonite Clay Facials with my Mom

bentonite clay facials

If you’ve never tried a bentonite clay facial, you must do so!! Clay draws out impurities, leaving your skin fresher, clearer, and brighter!

I spent the week in Indiana last week at my mom’s while my husband traveled to Mexico for work. Mom and I had fun spending time together and she enjoyed time with her grandkids!

We kept busy all week, going swimming at her gym, having lunch with a friend, shopping….we even did a moisturizing clay-based face mask one night after the kids went to bed. It reminded me of our Friday Girls Night we used to have when I lived at home! I was always concocting some sort of DIY honey facial, milk foot bath, lemon juice fingernail soak, you name it!

Bentonite Clay facial
For a more moisturizing mask, try this one!

This time, we used a ready-made clay-based mask with COQ10 that nourishes, soothes and brightens. You just add water, make a paste and apply. I’ve done just a bentonite clay facial before and it really made my skin look brighter and fresher because the clay draws out impurities. Pretty awesome, right?? So, when I say this facial made my skin softer and clearer, it is not just my own biased opinion. 🙂 You can buy just the plain bentonite clay I’ve used in the past here or you can buy the nicely moisturizing clay mask like my mom and I used from the Pure Haven Essentials line I sell!

bentonite clay
For a more basic mask, try this one!

You should definitely try one of these clay masks! Who would guess that putting clay on your face would give you such beautiful, luminous. results?! My dad gasped when he saw my mom the day after our facial, and wondered who this strange new woman was! But, I’m pretty sure he was just humoring us…