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How to Curl Your Own Ribbon!

curl your own ribbon

This is my third and final (I think) DIY ribbon post!

And this one blows my mind.

You can curl regular old ribbon by baking it in your oven! True story.

My first post in this series was DIY Tulle Bows. Super fast, easy, and so pretty! Next up was Ribbon Hair Bow DIY. Requires a bit of hand sewing, but adorable and still quite easy.

How to curl your own ribbon

Today, I am going to share a way to elaborate on the ribbon bow. It is simple, but sounds impressive when you tell people you did it yourself!


How to Make Curly Ribbon:

1. Secure grosgrain ribbon (the type of ribbon with little ridges in it, not the satiny smooth type. Something like this- Hip Girl Boutique 40yd (20x2yd) 3/8″ Solid Grosgrain Ribbon Value Pack.) with a clothespin and wrap around a 1/4 inch dowel. Wrap until you get to the end of the dowel or the end of your ribbon, whichever comes first. You can always cut it to desired length later.

curling ribbon

2. Prop dowels in foil lined pan preheated to 250 degrees. Set your timer for 20 minutes.

baking ribbon

3. Remove pan and cool. Unwrap. Voila! Curly ribbon!

curly ribbon!

To add it to a bow, cut to length you want, and when you sew the bow together, simply catch the curly ribbon along with it. (see photo below)

diy hairbow in progress

diy ribbon hair bow

To learn how to make a loopy bow like the one pictured above, visit my recent post to learn how, and don’t forget to Pin it!

Another good tip is to buy this stuff– Fray Check by Dritz (found in fabric stores), to seal the edges of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray-which, believe me, it will.

Or, you can go the cheaper way, and play with fire! Light a candle and hold the end of your ribbon near the flame. The edge will melt, ever so slightly, and no fear of fraying ever again. This was serious fun for me, but if dangling your fingers over an open flame is not your thing, just buy the Fray Check.

I hope you enjoyed my little series of DIY’s…it’s not often I get the time (or take the time) to craft anymore but I do enjoy it, and love being able to share it with others!

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Ribbon Hair Bow DIY

This is the second type of hair bow I mastered making last week for my friend’s baby shower/hair bow making party. (Using the word ‘mastered’ in the loosest sense, of course.) These were only slightly more difficult than the tulle bows I previously posted about. In fact, they’re still quite easy, especially if you already have a basic knowledge of hand sewing. But if not, no worries! I have complete faith in you!

For detailed instructions, keep reading! But first:

~What You’ll Need~

    • cute ribbon (Two 6 inch pieces for bow pictured)
    • needle and thread (knot it before you get your hands full!)
    • alligator clip
    • button or extra ribbon for middle
    • felt (optional)
    • hot glue gun



      1. Cut about 6 inches of ribbon (you can also do less, but don’t go much bigger or you’ll have a floppy, limp bow.).
      2. Fold raw edges in towards the middle.
      3. With a pre-threaded, pre-knotted needle and thread, make a running stitch to secure ends of ribbon. IMG_1484Go edge to edge, right down the middle. (For those who may not know, a running stitch is pictured-simply move your needle in and out until you get to the other end, then pull your thread through all at once. #timesaver!) Pull your thread tight, cinching up your ribbon into bow form, and hold that tension as you wind IMG_1481the thread around several times. You may need to unwind and try again a time or two until you get that perfect bow (unless I’m the only perfectionist around here?).
      4. Knot and snip your thread.
      5. Repeat with another 6 inch piece of ribbon if you want to make a double bow like my daughter is wearing. Sew or hot glue your two bows together at an angle.
      6. Hot glue a button or piece or ribbon (fold over and glue in back) to cover stitches in middle of bow.
      7. Glue onto alligator clip. If you want, stabilize it by gluing felt onto the top part IMG_1346of your clip first…Cut two pieces of felt (any shape, same size, not too big to be seen lurking behind your bow). Make sort of a felt sandwich by gluing the cut pieces on either side of the top part of your clip.



Once you master that basic first step of folding and sewing the ribbon to form your bow, you’re home free!

All the ribbon hair bow tutorials I saw on Pinterest described some kind of complicated process of folding and gluing to achieve a bow shape, but my mom and I were somewhat lost (and scared of burning our fingers) trying to figure it out. It looked super easy, but the glued bow did not look as nice. And honestly, sewing doesn’t take any more time than gluing does.

A spool of ribbon doesn’t cost much at all, especially when Hobby Lobby is running a half off sale, woo-hoo!! Along with a package of alligator clips, you can make dozens and dozens of bows for next to nothing. These would be cute, thoughtful additions to baby gifts, or even little girl’s birthday gifts. My daughter loved the Frozen character hair bow IMG_1355her grandma (my mom) made! She gave one to a couple of her friends as well. (Thanks, mom, for making them! I want you to know I gave you all the credit for doing so! Though it WAS my idea in the first place…).


(And yes, in the photo my daughter is wearing not one, but two, hair bows. Because a girl can never have too many accessories!)


Master this tutorial, because I have one more fun bow tip coming your way soon! Try it out and show me your creations!



DIY Tulle Bows!

IMG_1351I learned how to make hair bows this week! I hosted a bow making/baby shower party for my friend who is due to have a little girl soon. I decorated my basement with all my leftover party supplies (baby’s first birthday, other baby’s first birthday, a 3rd birthday, my wedding bouquet….) so we had an eclectic feel to our little baby shower! My parents came from Indiana to help out with my girls since my hubby was traveling for work all week. Mom and I had so much fun trying out new ideas and we came up with some cool stuff! And my daughter loved her new bows so much, she had to wear her two favorites simultaneously, even though they didn’t match! Tulle bows were the easiest, so I decided to share that tutorial today.  Check out the photo collage below:

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have used deep, dark pink for my tutorial photos. It looks kind of gross at first glance. But, I was taking photos myself with one hand while baby napped. I didn’t have time for forethought!

Anyway, after you remove the tulle from your hand, pinch it in the middle with your fingertips. With a pre-threaded, pre-knotted needle, run your thread right up through the middle of all your tulle (watch your fingers!). Then wrap the thread around and around until it is secure. Knot it in the back (if you can tell a difference between the front and back!). After that, all you have to do is find a cute button or sequin and hot glue it to cover up the thread. You can also loosely knot  a small piece of contrasting tulle or ribbon and wrap that around the middle, gluing in back. Then you grab an alligator clip and hot glue your bow to it.

That’s it!

For a little extra stability, cut two circles of felt to glue on your clip before adding the bow. Just squeeze the clip open, dab some hot glue on a circle of felt, stick it on the top/inside part of the clip and do the same with the second piece of felt, only this time, put it on the top/outside part of the clip. Just make sure you can’t see it from the front after you attach your bow.

These seriously take less than 5 minutes each! A spool of tulle is only $3.99 and I happened to hit a 1/2 off sale at Hobby Lobby this week- wohoo! A bag of alligator clips at Hobby Lobby was only $3.99 for 24 clips I believe (and I used a 40% off coupon). So for around $8, you can make tons of bows, compared to maybe 2 for that price, when buying pre made ones!

I’ll be sharing how we made other kinds of bows as well, so stay tuned for the next one!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you try!