Adorable Little Girl Hair Styles That Actually Stay In!

Hair Styles For Little Girls That Actually Stay In!

Hair styles for little girls that will stay in all day (or, you know, at least a couple hours!) are hard to achieve!

Hair Styles For Little Girls That Actually Stay In!

Here are my favorite, easy hair styles that look adorable and still take only as long as your kid will sit still. If they hate sitting still for even a second, try putting on the tv or bribing them. Or threatening…”We will NOT leave this house unless you look adorable and well put together, young lady!!” Works for me. 😉

Also, if you have a kid that complains about your hair brush hurting her head and pulling her hair, try the Wet Brush. It smoothes like a bristle brush, but also helps detangle without yanking! The best price is at Amazon!

The first style is obvious (and the only one that takes a little skill!). The classic french braid stays in really well. With my two year old, it does begin to come out halfway through the day because she has so many short, fine baby hairs in front. To achieve the ultimate smoothness pictured, I sprayed her hair down with a safe, non toxic detangler made with organic ingredients. It smells like sweet vanilla, and you can find it here: Pure Haven Essentials. It helps tame flyways and acts as a leave-in conditioner as well.

french braid little girl hair styles

A quicker variation on the french braid that still stays in well is the abbreviated french braid. I did this when my oldest was a toddler, and her hair was still an uneven length. Instead of parting down the middle, do a side part for this style. Making a small half french braid saves time, but it still looks adorable!! I was beside myself when I finished this sophisticated hair style on my daughter. So, so pretty!

Hair Styles that Actually Stay In! The abbreviated french braid

You can also do two small french braids in the front (part in middle to braid, leave half of the hair down). Or do a couple tiny regular braids, and pull them back into a ponytail. The texture of the braids help the ponytail stay in better!

The style pictured below is just one braid with a looped under ponytail. You can often keep the tiny braid in a second day and it still looks decent!

Hair Styles That Actually Stay In! - Little Fairy French braids
Sorry for the bad photo…this was taken before I started blogging. 🙂

Next up is another classic – two braids! Add clips to hold back those little baby hairs and you’re all set! You can also make two ponytails first, then braid those. That stays in REALLY well, but honestly, it just isn’t one of my favorite hair styles. 🙂 . Looping the braids under and securing where you first began braiding looks adorable, too (think Kirsten from the American Girl series. 🙂 ).

Hair Styles for little girls that stay in all day!

Another hair style pictured above (on the right) is modeled by my two year old. 🙂 She has two small ponytails on top, and the rest of her hair down. I did this because she was going through a major hair twirling phase at the time. Leaving just some of the hair down gave her something to twiddle with. Instead of destroying her hair style to get some twirling action, she had just enough to keep her happy. The rest stayed neat and off her face! I usually prefer to gather all the hair and the ponytails back into one big ponytail for a style less apt to tangle (pictured below).

Hair Styles that actually stay put! The two pony hairstyle!

Then we have this hybrid design, lol. The quintuplet pony! I’m not sure what I was thinking when I did this one, except I was stressed, and in a hurry so we wouldn’t be late to Storytime at the library. I have discovered though, the more ponytails, the better! It did end up looking pretty cute and stayed in amazingly well.

Hair Styles for little girls that stay in!

I ended up doing this quintuplet ponytail style again on both my girls for a day at the zoo. We were halfway through the zoo when the picture below was taken. You can see they are still rocking’ the ponytails! 🙂


Below is one of the cuter versions of the multiple ponytail hair styles I’ve come up with. I did this look for church today. We had only five minutes until we had to be out the door, and I still got it done! Plus, I had time to snap a photo, too!

Hair Styles For Little Girls That Actually Stay In! - Multiple Ponytail look

Here is a side view of that one so you can see what I did there. Do whatever works best for you!

Hair Styles For Little Girls That Actually Stay In! - Multiple ponytails, side view

And then sometimes, you just humor your child. Let them choose whatever they want. As many hair clips and bows as they want! Or a braid on one side, a ponytail on the other. They’re only young once!

Hair Styles For Little Girls That Actually Stay In! - The Grandma Style
Mimi is very agreeable when it comes to humoring all the great, inspired hair styles my daughter comes up with!


And let’s face it, we all have bad hair days.

Hair Styles That Actually Stay In! - Bad Hair Day

don't call me supermom


  1. I’ve been having to get creative with my two year old’s hair lately. The single ponytail doesn’t always keep things contained enough! She doesn’t have bangs, so the focus is to keep the hair out of her face (and her food). My favorite, if she lets me, is three partial french braids pulled into a standard ponytail. My favorite quick style is the partial ponytail right on top of her head pulled into a full ponytail just behind it.

    1. Three french braids sounds really pretty! She must have nice, thick hair!! Do you do one in the middle and two on either side? Thank you for reading, and thanks for the comment!

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