My Little Mover Is Determined To Keep Up With Big Sis

My Little Mover is determined to keep up with her big sis

My little mover is always on the go, twirling and dancing, hopping and skipping everywhere she goes. She follows her big sis everywhere, and tries to do everything she does! This includes imitating the ballet moves my oldest learned at dance class…I love to see my little mover gear up for a great big twirl. She really puts her heart into it! And then ker-splat, she’s on the floor!

My Little Mover is determined to keep up with her big sis

Our Little Mover is determined and quite insistent that she can do everything big sis does…sometimes this makes me nervous, as there’s definitely things my four year old does that the two year old shouldn’t attempt…I’ll weigh the pros and cons, determine what’s the worst that can happen, and…let her do it anyway! Ha! It is usually not worth fighting my little tyrant  little mover.

That’s normal though, right? The youngest child is always catered to a little more than the rest of the household, aren’t they? Although this wasn’t true when I was growing up as the youngest child in the family. Not in the least. (My big brothers never read my blog, so they won’t be able to refute my statement, ha!)

At any rate…

I attempted to get rid of the diapers and potty train my little mover when she turned two. But when I tried to make my toddler sit on the potty, I was met with the most earnest insistence only a two year old can muster…She pounded her little chest, proclaiming, “No, diaper! Baby! Me, baby!”. Having a child that emulates every single action of her older sister, I had hoped potty training would be one easy thing about this second child of mine. Alas, it is not to be. For now, we still have diapers, and I’m fine with that. I am guessing when she’s ready, she will be raring to go! Literally- ha!

So yesterday, low on diapers, I ran to Sam’s Club to pick up some Huggies.

Huggies Little Movers diapers

I was excited that Sam’s is currently offering an exclusive BONUS box of Little Movers diapers (an extra 20 diapers in the size fours I needed!). Plus, they’re on sale through July 22nd, only at Sam’s Club! Click here to get $3 off your box of Huggies Little Movers and free shipping to all Sam’s club members! I love getting deliveries- if I could, I would have ALL of life’s necessities delivered right to my door! You can even subscribe for automatic diaper shipments, so you don’t have to worry about running out of diapers!

Benefits of free shipping on diapers:

  • You don’t have to load the kids up in the car.
  • You don’t have to unload the kids.
  • You don’t have to chase them across the parking lot, yelling, “Hold my hand! There’s cars coming!”.
  • You don’t have to lift kids in and out of the cart while they fight about who gets to sit where.
  • You don’t have to mediate as they sit there and poke at each other (Arguably, you may have to do this even if you stay home and shop online.).
  • You don’t have to be embarrassed about losing your cool in public when your kids push you to your frazzled limit.
  • You don’t have to hear, “Mommy! I want that! Can I have that? I really like them; they’re my FAVORITE! Please, Mommy, please!”.

And so on and so forth. I’m sure you have your own grocery store horror stories. All I want to do after shopping with the kids is come home and collapse on the couch. With a mug of coffee and a handful of m&m’s (or an entire bag, depending how stressful the trip was). So you’re potentially saving calories too, unless you make a stop at every sample booth in Sam’s Club.  (Don’t Call Me Supermom raises hand. Guilty!)

On this particular diaper run, however, I was really excited to be able to run out BY MYSELF on hubby’s lunch hour. Check out my happy, relaxed face!

Buying my Little Mover Huggie's diapers KID FREE on hubby's lunch hour! Bliss!

And check out that great price on diapers!

I find it really hard to splurge on that trendy brand of diapers with the cute prints. Actually, I did try those trendy diapers once, and they were awful. Every single diaper leaked! Every single one!

And you know, when I brought home Huggies Little Movers, my daughter was more excited about their cute Minnie and Mickey Mouse print than she ever would have been about a Chevron print! And Huggies is more absorbent than ever now, with new and improved LEAK LOCK®—the protection and security you both need between changes.

(Do you ever cringe with dread when you dress your baby? Wondering how long they will wear this adorable outfit today before it gets peed on?)

No such worries with Huggies comfy Little Movers! (I assume they’re comfy, my daughter hasn’t complained. 😉 ) “Only Huggies® diapers have a stretchy SnugFit Waistband to help diapers stay in place. The unique contoured shape provides a comfortable fit and stays in place as babies move and play.

my little mover
The diaper box is great fun to sit on, as well! Though she didn’t sit still for long…

Benefits of Huggies Little Movers:

¥ Shaped for fit and flexibility
¥ Available in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6
¥ DryTouch® liner absorbs on contact
¥ Double Grip Strips for a comfy fit that lasts
¥ Leak Lock Protection for up to 12 hours of protection
¥ SnugFit* waistband
¥ Features New Huggies® Brand Moving Baby System

My Little Mover Baby Model
Look at my cute little baby model!

You can see just how active my Little Mover is by the scrape on her knee. I really don’t remember the last time she WASN’T all scraped and bruised. I don’t know if she’s just super clumsy, or if it’s because she moves too fast, trying to keep up with big sis. I swear my first daughter didn’t have so many ‘owies’!

Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to try Huggies Little Movers diapers!

Don’t forget, Huggies Little Movers are on sale at Sam’s Club through July 2oth, with bonus diapers in every box!
And when you’re a Sam’s club member, you get free shipping on diapers and wipes!
One last thing- go here and you can be entered to win a $500 Sam’s Club gift card!

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