10 Ways I Dress My Kids Super Cute and Super Cheap!

10 Ways I Dress My Kids Super Cute and Super Cheap!

10 Ways I Dress My Kids Super Cute and Super Cheap!

10 Ways I Dress My Kids Super Cute and Super Cheap!” is a post I wrote to add to a prompt-based weekly linkup. I got excited when I saw the writing prompt, because this is MY THING. My forte. My jam, if you will. If I’m proficient at anything, it’s saving money. And my kids always look cute, I’m telling you! This is no lie, and I spend so very little on their outfits. Today I am sharing my ‘professional’ tips with you! And as cheap as I am, I’m sharing these tips for free. Gasp!

  1. I shop at yard sales. Duh. I’m not an avid shopper (anymore) but I still hit plenty of sales- enough to clothe my daughters for a year or more.
  2. I plan ahead. So what if my daughter is not in a size 6 yet? If I see a super cute shirt in brand new shape for only 50 cents, I’m going to snatch it up. She will wear it in a year or two.
  3. I buy multiple sizes. I know, without a doubt, my daughters will need snow boots come Wintertime. The unknown factor is size. I can do my best to guesstimate, but growth spurts are curve balls. Regardless, if I find a great pair of Stride Right boots for $2, I will grab those babies up faster than you can say “snow day!”. And if I find another pair in a bigger or smaller size, I’ll grab them, too. Because now, for under $5 I have two great pairs of boots, and surely one will fit. That is still cheaper than any retail sale! And better quality boots, too, than if I ended up running to Wal-Mart at the first hint of snowflakes falling from the sky.
  4. I get excited when I come across Fill-A-Bag Sales. Do you know how much stuff you can shove in a bag for only $5? One summer, I hit the jackpot and got sooo many cute sundresses for my little girl! I notice towards the end of a yard sale, people are more likely to offer fill-a-bag, or churches sometimes on the second day of their rummage sale.
  5. I buy multiple seasons of clothes. Knowing which season for which size is tough with babies, especially. You never know how big your baby will be, or how fast they will grow. So with my newborns, I bought both warm and cold weather clothes in different sizes. You can always use those short-sleeved onesies as undershirts, if nothing else. At 50 cents apiece (my optimal buy price), if something doesn’t get used, or is only worn once, I’m still saving money when one outfit usually costs a minimum $10-$15  at the store!
  6. I accept hand-me-downs. This doesn’t happen often since my friends have kids that are my kids ages, but I also accept hand-me-downs for myself!! 😉 If we need specialized items like ballet leotards or tap shoes, I’ll ask friends or my MOMS club if I can buy their older daughter’s outgrown dance items. Sometimes they just give it away, and my daughters can play dress up if nothing else! I think we’ve bought only one leotard and one pair of ballet shoes brand new since the beginning of my daughter’s two years dance ‘career’. Not too shabby!
  7. I keep an eye out for Consignment Sales in the area. And sign up to be notified of the next sale, if that’s an option. In my opinion, consignment sales are sometimes expensive. This is where, though, if you really need something, you have a better chance of finding it. The Winter boots you need may be $6 instead of $2, but still cheaper than the mall.
  8. Secondhand stores are always an option, too. Definitely the most expensive way to save, lol, but again, if you really need something, you will probably find it there! You’ll at least score name brand items for Wal-Mart prices.
  9. Ask for clothes at Christmas or birthdays. If I find that my girls don’t have enough leggings, or something specific, like plain colored shirts, I ask my mom. 🙂 She is always happy to buy adorable little girl clothes and they make a great gift, rather than more toys to organize and pick up!
  10. Sign up for e-mail notifications of sale events at your favorite kids retail store. And then never open the e-mails. Seriously. Open them, and you’ll be sucked in. But when you want to splurge, or need something in particular…the promo codes will be there. Look for a clearance sale- you can even find in-season clothes on clearance. Wait until they offer an extra percentage off clearance and that’s your ticket to shop. I went a little crazy at Oshkosh last year around Christmas, buying my girls adorable matching outfits, sweaters, and dresses. But I still only spent $100, and they made great Christmas presents. 🙂
10 Ways I Dress My Kids Super Cute and Super Cheap!
My girls in cute outfits from yard sales- my oldest is wearing a nice Gymboree top I paid a dollar for!

Bonus tip!: Make sure you sign up for a cash back program like Ebates, or Shop At Home. So when you do shop online, you will get cash back! Just be sure to start at the Ebates or Shop At Home website, and they will track what you spend so you’re credited for it in your account.

(If you sign up for Ebates with my referral link, we’ll both get $10 deposited in our account!)

My kids always look nice, except maybe when we play out in the yard. And even then, they’re decent. Nicely combed hair helps, and a clean face. Our holiday outfits almost always come from yard sales or consignment sales. That is an awesome thing to score, since your kid and the kid before that will likely only wear it once or twice. So your kids’ clothes may be last season, or the season before that. Your friends won’t see it on the shelf next time they’re at Gymboree or Carter’s. As long as it is decent and clean, who cares? I’d rather have more money for vacation or eating out than spending $30 on a dress my daughter will wear once and stain.

How do you save on your kids clothes? Did I miss any stellar tips?


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  1. Love your tips. I hate to spend too much money on cute children clothing because they outgrow things way too fast. I’m a thrift store kind of girl. Not so much yard sale. Even though I love yard sales. This is because I feel pressured to buy something when I stop by a yard sale. I totally need to look into cash back programs. 🙂
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    1. You don’t have to feel pressured to buy at yard sales! Just tell them you collect polka dot frog statues or something odd, so they can’t root around and come up with things they think you need. 😉

  2. Great tips! My kids are 3 & 5 and I can count on one hand the number of clothes I’ve actually bought for them. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a couple of women that I used to work with that have boys just a little older than my sons who contact me periodically and give me totes full of really great clothes. I then, in turn, pass them on to someone else. There’s no shame in hand me downs!! I do love yard sales to pick up outdoor toys for super cheap because I refuse to pay the crazy prices for brand new.

    Great tips and your girls are beautiful! I love the pics in this post and those I follow on Facebook. Thanks again for the great read!

  3. Your kids do always look adorable! My boys are just doing well if they are clothed, lol. These days I’ve been mostly dependent on hand me downs but I find I am having to buy more pants and shoes new since it is hard to find 4 and 6 year old boys shoes or pants in hand me downs or at yard sales these days. You will probably have better luck with girls.
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  4. Really great tips! I try and utilize most all the tips you listed, but should be better at buying multiple sizes. If I did, it would surely fit one of the kids, and save a buck. Awesome!

  5. Love these tips! Thanks for sharing! I do clothing swaps with other moms and whatever we have left over/don’t need we donate. And when my daughter is too tall for a dress it becomes a tunic with leggings.

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  7. Love it, I honestly have relied on hand me downs and shopping sales for the past 2 years. I buy 2 sizes up and stash away in tubs until I know it’ll fit my son. My husband thinks I am crazy but it helps save so much money!

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