Honesty Is the Best Policy


Earlier this morning, I had a guest post go live on a blogger friend’s website. After the post was published, I was praised for my humorous look on the challenges of mothering and for my honest style of writing. I was pleased to hear the praise, but it also left me wondering…why am I being praised for my honesty? Why isn’t everyone being honest about how they feel?

Honesty is the best policy.

Why aren’t we all honest with each other about motherhood, or life in general?

I feel like so often, people are so busy trying to “keep up with the Joneses”, that they don’t realize the “Joneses” have a failing marriage. Or children they have difficulty keeping in line. Maybe a husband who isn’t always as nice as he could be, or very few, if any, devoted friends.

Now, there are some things about my life I don’t share. I don’t divulge personal aspects of my marriage. I won’t gossip about my family or friends, and I won’t purposefully engage in mean spirited talk about other people (ok, not in public…maybe just to my hubby. I’m not perfect!).

Hearing this praise for my honesty isn’t a first time occurrence. Before I became a blogger, I heard positive responses from friends when I aired candid complaints on Facebook about my rotten toddler, or colicky baby.* I didn’t pretend like life as a mother is always glamorous, happy, and easy, while posting only picture perfect holiday photos. I posted status updates about the ins and outs of motherhood, just like I do on my blog now.

(*Disclaimer: I also heard negative responses a time or two. Mean people who like to kick a dog when it’s down. And to that, I just have to say…Be nice, people. Support, don’t judge. You’re not perfect either.)

We all know life isn’t perfect. So stop pretending like it is. You only make the rest of us feel like crap anyway.

sad depressed mom

Today, I want to tell you, it’s okay to let your guard down. You don’t have to pretend like everything is hunky-dory (for lack of a better word, lol!). Make sure you confide in a close friend or two at the very least if posting on social media is not your thing.

I love to laugh at people’s misfortunes, though, so please, humor me! Next time your kid spits up on your brand new shirt, or you leave your fresh latte on top of the car and drive off…please, share it with me so I can have a laugh! I need something to brighten my day while my toddler cries at my feet over yet another ‘owie’ (which, by the way, is fine the minute I kiss it, or cuddle with her.).

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And if you want to take a peek at my candid guest post published today in the “Real Mom: Real Challenges” series, please head over to Called To Mothering and check it out!

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  1. Seriously love this post! I love when people are honest about their struggles and just about life in general. While we should post and live up the good times- let’s not ignore the times that we are struggling. It is what makes a well rounded person in my opinion.

  2. Good stuff! I feel like so often I can’t truly be honest because so many moms, especially on Facebook, chastise each other for being real. Someone on a group I’m on called the cops on one of the other moms yesterday! I’m glad that I have a few mom friends that I know I can be real with and they can be real with me.

    Lauren, growingupexpat.com

  3. I think many, blogging, on facebook, wherever like to portray the best bits of their life, usually with the added bonuses of a filter and touchups and careful wording. I agree with you and applaud you. Being honest is best, and it what readers connect with none of us are perfect, are kids aren’t always catalog photo shoot ready nor our homes. I would rather be real than pretend! ps I am positive one of the best perks of marriage is being able to talk smack to your spouse about all kinds of things you would never say to anyone else!

    1. Haha!It is nice having someone who is required to listen when I do have something disparaging to say about someone…and he has to love me regardless! 😉

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