Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Looking for rainy day activities that won’t stress you out (at least not too much)? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve just finished a long, cold, dark winter, but the dreariness isn’t over quite yet. Our weather forecast shows rain and thunderstorms every day this week! Here’s some rainy day activities to mix it up (besides changing the tv channel):


1.Let your child make their own hot chocolate.

My daughter spoons dry mix into her special, small mug, I add a little boiling water, let her stir, then fill up her mug the rest of the way with cold milk. She adds the marshmallows.

rainy day activities
My daughter feels so grown up making her own hot chocolate. She also loves serving others, like her sister, or a friend!

rainy day activities

2. Decorate a house for a small toy

using an old shoebox.

rainy day activities
Hard at work, decorating her house with stickers!

rainy day activities







I cut a window and a door, then let my daughter do the rest with markers, stickers and glue. The little shoebox house fits her miniature Doc McStuffins toy perfectly!

rainy day activities
She didn’t play for long, but it was a distraction, at least!

 3. “Paint” with water and construction paper.

rainy day activities

My mom gave me this brilliant idea! The best part is, there’s no mess! And you can actually reuse the construction paper after it dries! This is especially perfect for the 2 year old who wants to be just like big sis!

rainy day activities
Just beware- your toddler may get a powerful thirst while painting.

4. Allow your child to help you clean!

rainy day activities
What? Doesn’t your kid do chores in a Cinderella dress and glass slippers? Seems appropriate to me.



My daughter loves to ‘grop’ the floor, as she calls it. And I have learned to let her mop it unbegrudgingly. It may take her a long time, and I may have to go over the floor after she’s done, but she stays busy and has fun!

Plus, I recently read a blog post called, “Around the House: My Toddler Does Chores” with ideas for age appropriate chores and why they are beneficial! You should definitely bookmark it if you have a baby or toddler!


These are a few of my rainy day ideas; what are yours?

don't call me supermom


    1. This particular box was also perfect for her barbie dolls! But I guess your grandsons wouldn’t enjoy that…a treasure box sounds like a better idea for a boy! 🙂

  1. Thank you for these great ideas, Rachel!

    My youngest is 4 and she is at home with me most of the time. When I clean the bathrooms she likes to “help” me by washing the walls with a wet sponge. It keeps her busy while I finish my chores :).

  2. Love all of these ideas! The shoebox house would be perfect for my four-year-old daughter (I think my son would even like it for a garage or something for his cars). My kids like to “help” me clean too, and I usually have to go back over the room once they’re done, but hey it’s building a sense of responsibility in them!

  3. So cute! We love to bake up special snacks. If it’s just drizzly out it’s fun to draw a picture with markers and make them look watercolored by sticking them out in the rain for a bit. The water makes the markers bleed together and run. We’ve also made play dough, slime, and foam to play with on rainy days.

  4. These are great ideas for playtime on rainy days! I really love the painting with water for the younger kids. We recently finger painted and I wish I would have had the idea for my 14 month old. Great post!

  5. Great ideas!! I should do the doll house shoe box one. My daughter would love it.

    Thanks for visiting #EverythingKids this week and linking up.

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