How to Curl Your Own Ribbon!

curl your own ribbon

This is my third and final (I think) DIY ribbon post!

And this one blows my mind.

You can curl regular old ribbon by baking it in your oven! True story.

My first post in this series was DIY Tulle Bows. Super fast, easy, and so pretty! Next up was Ribbon Hair Bow DIY. Requires a bit of hand sewing, but adorable and still quite easy.

How to curl your own ribbon

Today, I am going to share a way to elaborate on the ribbon bow. It is simple, but sounds impressive when you tell people you did it yourself!


How to Make Curly Ribbon:

1. Secure grosgrain ribbon (the type of ribbon with little ridges in it, not the satiny smooth type. Something like this- Hip Girl Boutique 40yd (20x2yd) 3/8″ Solid Grosgrain Ribbon Value Pack.) with a clothespin and wrap around a 1/4 inch dowel. Wrap until you get to the end of the dowel or the end of your ribbon, whichever comes first. You can always cut it to desired length later.

curling ribbon

2. Prop dowels in foil lined pan preheated to 250 degrees. Set your timer for 20 minutes.

baking ribbon

3. Remove pan and cool. Unwrap. Voila! Curly ribbon!

curly ribbon!

To add it to a bow, cut to length you want, and when you sew the bow together, simply catch the curly ribbon along with it. (see photo below)

diy hairbow in progress

diy ribbon hair bow

To learn how to make a loopy bow like the one pictured above, visit my recent post to learn how, and don’t forget to Pin it!

Another good tip is to buy this stuff– Fray Check by Dritz (found in fabric stores), to seal the edges of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray-which, believe me, it will.

Or, you can go the cheaper way, and play with fire! Light a candle and hold the end of your ribbon near the flame. The edge will melt, ever so slightly, and no fear of fraying ever again. This was serious fun for me, but if dangling your fingers over an open flame is not your thing, just buy the Fray Check.

I hope you enjoyed my little series of DIY’s…it’s not often I get the time (or take the time) to craft anymore but I do enjoy it, and love being able to share it with others!

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