A Post in Which I Complain about Complaining (And Offer An Alternative)

complainingThese days, someone is always complaining about something. I’m not talking about my kids, although they do their fair share! I’m talking about people who feel entitled to everything…people who’ve already been incredibly blessed just to live in America and have a safe, warm bed at night, but nothing is ever enough. No matter how much money or how many “rights” you give them, some people will never be happy with what they have. And I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing about the most recent way someone in our society was offended.  Your desire to be fully accepted, recognized, or validated, pales in comparison to what people in other countries go though-infectious diseases, religious persecution, malnutrition, even access to clean drinking water! Here in America, we have our fair share of problems, too-there’s children being kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking. There’s women in abusive relationships. There’s homeless people begging for a living. It would be nice if, instead of endlessly complaining about our piddly problems on social media, we used our time and resources to advocate for poverty-stricken people in third world countries.


Put it all in perspective.


“…the general population [in third world countries] sees [many] comforts and necessities* as unattainable and only available to the rich. 

Source: MLJ Adoptions







don't call me supermom


  1. I hear you. It seems anymore everyone is trying to have their tender feelings protected, instead of learning to forgive and being tough. There is something to being able to shake it off and not let bullies get you down.

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