A Weekend of Momentous Moments

We just finished up a big weekend at our house! Not only was it Halloween, my oldest daughter got her ears pierced, and I wrapped up my church fundraiser featuring my small business! I was excited to announce the winners for the Mystery Hostess rewards, and excited that we raised $250 for our building fund. Plus, people got safer products without harmful chemicals for their household! It’s a win all the way around!

momentous momentMy 3.5 year old recently overheard my friend and I discussing the momentous occasion of when and how we came to get our ears pierced, and also when my friend got her little girls ears pierced. Next thing you know, that was all she could talk about. She wanted her ears pierced like her little friend. We’ve talked about it for months, but I was always able to push her off. Not this time. I sucked up my hesitance and fear, and the whole family headed off to the mall. I went first, and got a third piercing in my ear. I got cold feet when I saw the piercing gun and said, “I can’t do this” (I hate needles!). The lady told me, “Just smile”. So, with my daughter watching, I pasted a big fake smile on my face. Ow! It was over, and then it was my brave daughter’s turn. She knew it would pinch, but nothing could prepare her for the pain. When the piercing went thru, her little body jumped and her mouth made an ‘O’. It was heartbreaking! But she was so brave and refused to cry. I, on the other hand, had a hard time holding back the tears. My poor baby.

IMG_0409For Halloween, my daughters were characters from, “The Wizard of Oz”. My oldest loves the movie, so when I found a Dorothy costume at a yard sale, I knew she had to have it! It was actually a slightly risqué adult costume, but for only $2.50, my mom and I decided to take it home and try to alter it. We were both slightly nervous at the prospect, but it turned out marvelous and was pretty easy to do! I also had to buy some red sparkly shoes from Target, but they were inexpensive and can be reused for Christmas! Wanting to keep with the theme, I borrowed a lion costume from a lady in the local MOMS Club chapter I belong to. After a trial run in the costume at a neighborhood event where everyone seemed to think my little lion was a boy, I pinned a pink ribbon to one ear. One old man still called her a ‘little guy’ and gave ‘him’ some candy. Oh well. She’ll never know.

So, tell me-

How did you react when you got your daughter’s ears pierced? Was it as nerve wracking for you as it was me?

And what clever costumes did you come up with for Halloween?

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  1. I have no daughters so no ear piercing here. I did dress my kids as skeletons that I downloaded from Pinterest. They turned out pretty well and we were only oout the paper and ink that they were printed on 🙂

  2. I don’t have little girls but I certainly remember being really excited to get my own ears pierced. I think I was 11 and like your daughter I refused to cry even though it hurt. This year my boys were dressed as batman and robin. They were adorable. I love Halloween and seeing all the kids dressed up. I love that you were able to salvage the Dorothy costume you found…I’m not very creative.

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